Canada Child Benefit & Ontario Support for Families – COVID-19

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As our world has been quickly turned upside down and many of us find ourselves at home, maybe trying to juggle working from home and home schooling the kids. It’s reassuring to know that both the Canadian and Ontarian Government wasted no time putting special benefits in place to help alleviate the the financial strain for families due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Special Canada Child Benefit (CCB) payment

The government will be providing up to an extra $300 per child through CCB paid in May 2020.

EVen if you don’t currently receive the CCB but have children under the age of 18 at home you may be entitled to receive some funding.

If you already receive CCB then you don’t need to re-apply for this benefit it will be paid automatically in May.

If you are not currently receiving the CCB but have at least 1 child under the age of 18 click on this link to apply.

Ontario Support for Families

As parents are finding themselves home schooling their children while the schools are closed due to COVID-19 Ontario is offering a one-time payment to help offset the cost of educational books, apps, work books etc.,

Who can Apply?

All parents are eligible, regardless of income, and is available if you have a child who is:

  • 0 – 12
  • Aged 0-21 with special needs

How much will I get?

Parents will receive a one-time payment of:

$200 for children 0-12

$250 for children or youth 0-21 with special needs

How do I apply?

  • Submit an application per child by following this link


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