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Burlington Accountant – Services

We can help you:

  • Prepare Financial Statements
  • Learn To Use Your Accounting Software
  • Prepare Your Tax Returns
  • Understand and/or Prepare Your Sales Taxes Return
  • Setup Your Payroll Services
  • Decide Which Business Structure Is Best For You
  • Transfer Your Business To A New Owner & Achieve The Highest Possible Return
  • Implement Strategies To Maximise Your Retirement Savings

What we offer

Financial Statement Preparation: We prepare financial statements for tax return purposes or to assist in satisfying the requirements of creditors, this may include audit or review engagements.

Accounting Software and Bookkeeping Services: We work closely with you helping you ensure your accounting records are accurate and up-to-date. Depending on your individual needs, we can assist in accounting system implementation or manage your accounting records for you.

Tax Return Preparation: We prepare personal, corporate and trust tax returns. By maintaining awareness of recent amendments to legislation, we ensure that you take advantage of all applicable savings opportunities.

Sales Taxes Returns: We prepare GST/HST and PST tax returns to ensure you are collecting the right amount of sales tax and remitting the right amount to the government, helping you avoid penalties or overpayment of taxes.

Payroll Services: We provide payroll services, including the calculation of source deductions and the preparation of T4 slips and returns.

Business Services: We advise you on the best business structure and on steps to take to prepare for challenges and opportunities ahead. We ensure that you are aware of all legislative information that should be considered when operating or establishing a business. Our dedication to client-focused, individualized service helps you achieve your business and financial goals.

Business Transition and Succession Planning: We advise you on the best ownership transition options for your business whether it is a sale to a family member or other third party. We develop strategies to help you reduce the tax liability on transition and achieve the highest possible returns.

Estate Planning: We assist you in the implementation of strategies to maximize your retirement savings and minimize the tax liability when transferring assets to other family members. This protects your assets so you can continue providing for your family in the future and live a comfortable retirement.